Adolescence is a period in life between the ages of 13 - 25 yrs (some might say older) that involves a great deal of significant change.  Finding out who you are and creating your future are some significant aspects of this period of life.  Adolescence is a time filled with potential, opportunity, and considerable challenges.  Your brain is changing at a rapid rate gaining so many new abilities and more complex ways to experience the world.  While this is a time of great strength, it is also a time of great vulnerability.  This rapid change leaves adolescents, not surprisingly, susceptible to all kinds of mental health difficulties, including depression, anxiety, anger, identity issues, and more. 

It may not seem like a "big deal", but tackling these kinds of issues early on is not only effective, it can help prevent much more complex issues from developing later on in life, and in some cases it can save your life.  Prolonged experiences of feeling lonely, sad, angry, anxious, overwhelmed, or uninterested in thing you once enjoyed are not healthy for anyone.  There is no good reason to feel this way, and "just dealing with it" does not mean you are stronger or more capable than someone who seeks to help.  It takes strength, courage, and insight to be aware of when we need help, and ask for it.  

If you were feeling really sick for a couple weeks or more, you would probably go to the doctor.  If someone important to you had been feeling sick for a long time you would probably suggest they go see someone about that, right?  So why are we so hesitant to get help when it comes to mental health?  It is part of my goal to change this.  Physical health and mental health are often talked about as two different aspects of a person.  I would suggest it is more accurate to understand physical health and mental health simply as health, as neither is separate from the other. 

I enjoy working with adolescents.  I understand that teens in particular (and I would say many adults) are not necessarily (and not surprisingly) looking forward to beginning therapy.  Even if you aren't sure it will fix your problem, it's a lot better than feeling lonely, sad, angry, anxious, overwhelmed, or uninterested. Come in for a free 30 min consultation and see what we can do to help you with this!